Japanification of Europe

Posted on 9. July 2019

Japanification of Europe Download Report Summary Macroeconomic indicators show that the”Japanification” of the Euro area is currently taking place. We expect the Euro area inflation to stay at current levels for the next couple of years and therefore, also the super low-interest-rate environment to remain unchanged. Although low-interest rates, weak inflation and declining growth all point to a European Japanification, there are several limitations when comparing Japan with the Euro area. Therefore, we argue that

The Indian Rupee in freefall

Posted on 2. December 2018

The Indian Rupee in freefall? Comprehensive Analysis Download Report Summary A reverse in oil prices will severely hit INR until Q1 2019 after its further retrace to levels around 65.5 to 69 INR has appreciated more than 6% in the last 8 weeks supported by the price drop of WTI Crude to levels below $50 since Q4 2018 The long-term outlook is still driven by India’s current account deficit, the increasing demand for oil, although

Treasury Yields Bullish Case

Posted on 4. October 2018

Treasury Yields Bullish Case 1H 2018​ Comprehensive Analysis By Seraphim Czecker Summary Yields on 10+ Treasuries may rise significantly in 2018. Inflationary pressures can be seen in commodities and PMIs. Real yields also need to go up as central banks withdraw from the markets. These factors combined make us believe yields on 10Y Treasuries will reach 4 to 4.5% in 2018. This article is an excerpt from our global macro outlook for 2018 we sent
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