our history, culture & Values

A closed, yet open Society

Our culture

We support the opinion that finance is an easy-to-learn field given that students are smart and have a strong affinity for numbers. 

Therefore, at WUTIS we are proud to maintain a very diverse culture where our members have a wide variety of different backgrounds. 



Fast thinkers with the ability to think laterally and outside-the-box



Intrinsic motivation to move things, projects & size. Goalgetter attitudes



Going the extra-mile, spending our freetime fixing #REFs in the middle of the night. That’s us

“Closing the gap between academic theory and practice has always been our primary goal.”

Lukas Weise, Co-Founder

The Humble beginnings

In 2016...

WUTIS was founded with the goal of increasing Vienna’s attractiveness for recruitment in the financial service industry and closing the widening gap between finance academic theory and practice by providing a full-blown educational opportunity for any finance-passionate student.

Our society first started off with the elaboration of our Equity Research Division before we extended our inherent investment approach and established the other divisions accordingly. Since then, we constantly refined our approach, entered new partnerships not only with student societies in and beyond Austria, but also with leading international firms. 

Our History


After 7 years of existence, we have launched 12 recruitment phases, held numerous events, placed over 80% of our members in companies with a strong standing and are proud to name industry leading firms our partners.

With an ever-growing network of alumni currently working in the industry at Tier-1 Banks, Consultancies, Hedge Funds, Private Equity & VC Funds, we have become not only Austria’s largest – and by any metric – most successful finance society, but have managed to create a small, tightly-knit network of current and former members.

Sort of like a family. A strong, growing family.

The future


We never run short of ideas on how to improve our educational platform, our partnership network, recruiting efforts & network.

What is characterising any society, is its membership base.

In order to continue our strong growth path, we always remain on the look-out for remarkable members.

180° Career Turn
or 10x Boost

From “noname” CV to private equity in < 3 months. 

From WU student to hedge fund founder.

We are dedicated to maximizing our members potential and help them leverage their individual strengths for their career development while ensuring a broad educational augmentation and network expansion.

Life at WUTIS

Four Pillars - boundless Benefits

Your opportunities at WUTIS largely depend on what you “make of it”. Our four pillars represent the bare minimum you can expect to gain as a member of our society. Beyond those, opportunities remain limitless.


Integral to the development of our members knowledge and skill set. With our members and our partners.

Team Events

Because discussing Trump tweets effect on EUR/USD is even more fun over a beer in a different city

Pitching Events

Be heard. Your ideas matter.
An open feedback culture built on constructive feedback.

Career Advice

Profit from those who have made the leap into the industry. CV checks, recommendations? Hell yes.
"Most of our members initially joined WUTIS with the intent of learning a bit more about finance. They end up astonished once they realize how powerful of a boost the society has been to their career trajectory and social network.”
Jan Tanson, Former Society President

important things you should know


Membership is open to any student, regardless of their course of study or professional experience. Applicants will be judged based on their motivation and interest in financial markets and investing. Our workshops will ensure that every member has a sufficient financial knowledge to participate in our investing activities.

Yes, however in that case we expect previous knowledge in the field of finance in order to keep up with members who went through the application process at the beginning of the semester.

Application windows open twice a year in September and February and last approximately 4 weeks.

All divisions meet at least once a week, on Thursday in the afternoon. We expect our members to have this time exclusively reserved for WUTIS. Additionally, we encourage our members to participate in workshops and events organized with our partners.

If you have specific questions, you can always send an e-mail to info@wutis.at or reach out to us on our social media. You can also find a lot of information here, on our website.

Yes, we are happy to welcome exchange students during their semester abroad into our society.

Our meetings and events are held in English as not all members are German native speakers. English is the major language in finance as it is in a lot of areas of global importance.

Yes, if the event is open to external participants you are more than welcome to apply and join. The selection for our external events is usually based on our partner’s recruitment criteria.

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