We elaborated an investment approach that is fully inherent and consistent within our Chief Investment Office and Equity Research division, in order to achieve the best learning outcome for our members. Through our workshop sessions at the beginning of every semester and our monthly pitching sessions during the semester, wen can ensure that our members are exposed to and learn about other financial concepts than the one applied in their division.

Our Approach

At WUTIS we manage an ETF Portfolio that results from the macroeconomic country and sector top-down analysis of our Chief Investment Office, while the equity bottom-up analysis results in our Long Equity Portfolio. The CIO looks at country-specific economical and political developments that analysis their impact on industries and financial markets to determine if a sector is under or over valued. Based on their findings, ETFs are selected that reflect the under valued sector and are included into the ETF Portfolio. The country and sector recommendation goes in the form of an CIO report to the ER groups, which fill further screen the equities accordingly. Based on financial and profitability indicators, multiples, historic stock performance and their business model, seemingly undervalued equities will be selected and included into our Equity Portfolio. The Asset Management further follows a specific fund strategy and rebalances the portfolio accordingly. The Trading Group focuses on developing short-term trading strategies, writing algorithms, backtesting trading ideas and researching global macro data and their impact on the financial markets.

Our Learning Culture

Our teams meet on a weekly basis each Thursday, where the teams work together on their analysis. We strive for a collaborating and enhancing team culture where our members can learn from each other’s knowledge. To achieve this, we hold various internal workshops, pitching sessions and teambuilding seminars. Our fellow-members get a mentor assigned that will help them, but also monitor their personal development.


Every semester starts of with a number of different workshop sessions, where our members learn more about our investment approach and learn essential fundamentals according to their division. We also hold VBA, R and other workshops based on specific skills of our members.

Pitching Events

At our monthly pitching sessions, our teams present their findings in front of all members for ensuring that everybody can identify oneself with the work of the various divisions. Our members earn feedback on their analysis and presentation capabilities.

Team Building

The teambuilding event at the beginning of every semester serves as an opportunity to get to know each other in a very informal setting. We learn how to collaborate as a team, the background of the members and strengthen our own internal network.

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