The Backbone

managing our society

The management division ensures the smooth sailing of our society. Managing people, projects, partnerships, events, marketing or IT.

Our team consisting of business-savy students are engaged in every aspect of contributing to the success of our society. 

Our coordinators

The Presidents

Jan Tanson

President & Head of Equity Research

2.5 Years with WUTIS

Jan has co-founded three e-commerce startups in his free time and gained professional work experience in private equity at Auctus Capital Partners and Mutares in Munich. He currently tries to avoid university as much as possible and dedicates his time to running the society.

Sebastian Hattinger

Co-President & Head of Equity Research

1 Year with WUTIS

Sebastian has finished his BSc at WU Vienna and is currently working at i5invest in the M&A department. He has gained previous experience at OMV and furthermore boasts significant IT experience.

Cetin Yilmaz

Co-President & Head of Marketing

2 Years with WUTIS

Cetin is currently working at Erste Asset Management. He joined WUTIS after gaining previous experience at WU Marketing Club & N26 - and quickly became WUTIS backbone for everything related to business development, marketing, event management & PR.

Our specialists

The Management members

Lisa Höss

All Around Superstar & Crazy Cat Lady
Seriously, without her - we wouldnt be as well off as we are today. Thank you Lisa

Vicky Weissova

Event Management Head

Lukas Hajdinjak

HR Head

Jakob Ludescher

Partnerships & Sales Manager

Robert Triulzi

Partnerships & Sales Manager

Mario Matuschek


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