The Backbone

managing our society

The management division ensures the smooth sailing of our society. Managing people, projects, partnerships, events, marketing or IT.

Our team consisting of business-savy students are engaged in every aspect of contributing to the success of our society. 

Our coordinators

Board of Directors

Sebastian Hattinger

President & Head of Equity Research

1,5 Years with WUTIS

Sebastian has finished his BSc at WU Vienna and is currently working at i5invest in the M&A department. He has gained previous experience at OMV and furthermore boasts significant IT experience.

Cetin Yilmaz

Co-President & Head of Marketing

2,5 Years with WUTIS

Cetin is currently working at Erste Asset Management. He joined WUTIS after gaining previous experience at WU Marketing Club & N26 - and quickly became WUTIS backbone for everything related to business development, marketing, event management & PR.

Oliver Gschwandtner


Our specialists

The Management members

Vicky Weissova

Head of Event Management

Lukas Hajdinjak

Head of HR

Robert Triulzi

Head of Partnerships & Sales

Jakob Ludescher

Head of Strategy & Development

Alex Essig

Head of legal

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