The Backbone

managing our society

The management division ensures the smooth sailing of our society. Managing people, projects, partnerships, events, marketing and IT.

Our team consisting of business-savy students are engaged in every aspect of contributing to the success of our society. 

Our coordinators

Board of Directors

Sebastian Hattinger


2 Years with WUTIS

Sebastian is currently doing his master in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control at WU Vienna. Previously he has gained experience in Performance Management and M&A.

Robert Triulzi

Head of Partnerships & Sales

2 Years with WUTIS

Robert is currently doing his BSc in business administration at WU Vienna. Previously he has gained experience in M&A and management consulting.

Oliver Gschwandtner

Head of Equity Research

1 Year with WUTIS

Oliver has recently finished his BSc in International Business Administration at WU Vienna after five semesters. He gained work experience during the last summer in the field of audit and currently works at KPMG in the Financial Risk Advisory Division.

Our specialists

The Management members

Vicky Weissova

Head of Event Management

Lukas Hajdinjak

Head of HR

Robert Triulzi

Head of Partnerships & Sales

Jakob Ludescher

Head of Strategy & Development

Alex Essig

Head of legal

Iryna Zginnyk

Head of marketing

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