Divided into Emerging Markets and Developed Markets, the CIO supervises and manages the WUTIS ETF portfolio which gives the team the opportunity to analyse countries and sectors from a macroeconomic perspective.


Our Division Approach


The CIO is taking into account many indicators like inflation, interest rate, unemployment rate, political events and the latest changes in the economy. The division contributes to getting an understanding of the main factors that influence the financial markets. They also lay a special emphasis on the monetary policies of central banks and on the fiscal policies of the major economies like the US or China. Having a broad exposure to the markets, they also assist the Equity Research and Trading divisions with specific and relevant insights on these topics.


Adrián Takács

Head of Chief Investment Office

Fabian Cisar

Director Emerging Markets

Florian Gritzky

Director Developed Markets

Hanna Landstetter

Analyst Developed Markets

Matúš Kaplan

Analyst Emerging Markets

Raoul Van Der Sluijs

Analyst Emerging Markets

Kyrillus Aiad

Analyst Emerging Markets

Alex Weiss

External Analyst

Tarek Auf

Fellow Analyst

Benjamin Arndt

Fellow Analyst

Melanie Diel

Fellow Analyst

Lars Krumtünger

Fellow Analyst

Natalie Frantsits

Fellow Analyst

Christoph Franzmayr

Fellow Analyst

Daniel Zeiner

Fellow Analyst
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